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My First Ever Award – Damn, I Rock!

My first EVER blogging award - I ROCK!

I’ve only just started blogging again as part of a New Year’s resolution so it’s been almost three months now and I am super excited to give a huge ‘thank you’ to a fabulous blogger, jeandayfriday for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Just the other day as I was reading various posts, I noticed the awards garnishing some of these blogs.  First thought of course was, ‘Damn, I want one of those.’  The second was, ‘I wonder if and when I will ever get nominated for an award.’  I wasn’t even being picky at that point, any award would do.

Now that I have officially received my first award, let the giddiness begin.  When I started out with this blog thing, I admit to not having high hopes as far as followers or comments or even views to my blog.  Apparently there are more people out there with a sharp tongue and sarcastic mind (like me) than I realized.  The beauty of it is the ability to be versatile, having the ability to talk about random things from one moment to the next and knowing that others appreciate it as much as I love writing it.

So as with any great award, there also comes some responsibility.  Part of this responsibility is passing on the award to other fellow bloggers that I follow or that have that special something.   The VBA link will tell you about VBA and what the rules are for those that are nominated for this award.  So without further delay, below are the bloggers that I nominate for the Versatile Blogger award:

1. The Dissemination of Thought – I know that Lyndon has probably already received this award but I love this blog so much that I had to include him in the list.  Anytime I need a laugh, his blog delivers.

2. 365 Trinkets – I am absolutely fascinated behind the idea of getting rid of something different every day for an entire year.  Kudos to this blogger because I don’t think I could do it.

3. The Mad Hatters – There is a theme here I think, to some of my favorite blogs.  Again, Duncan’s blog is always there for a good laugh when I need it with a little bit of sarcasm and raciness thrown in.

4. Sinnercycling – Being a cyclist wannabe myself, I can’t get over some of the pictures of the places that are listed here.  Yes, my jealousy is spiking.  I wish I was good enough to just ride my bike everywhere.

5. Ramblings from an Apathetic Adult Baby – Another great writer who has the right blend of humor in his posts and definitely some eye-catching topics for discussion.

Unfortunately, I am at a loss for other bloggers to add to this list at the moment, but never fear, once I find you, I will be sure to give you your ‘props’ and include you in this award.  On to the final condition of this award.  Tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself.

I know that anyone who has read any of my top ten lists probably knows more about me than they ever really wanted to know, but here is the skinny (and no, I am not skinny) on me.

1.  CDO – OCD spelled alphabetically.   One of my employees told me today that I was NOT allowed to watch the movie Contagion, it would make my OCD worse…..Should I be offended by this?

2. I love, love, love going scalloping, line-dancing, diving, bowling, hunting, hiking, cycling and the list could go on and on.

3.  I’m the type of person that will try anything once.  I’ve tried everything from bungee jumping to getting tattoos and piercings to four-wheeling.

4.  I’m a freak. No further explanation will be given, on my blog anyway. Just know, I’m a freak.

5. I’m probably considered to be on the fluffy side.  I’m not waddle size (no offense intended) and I will never be pencil thin.  I like food too much for that.

6. I’ve started writing several different books but haven’t finished any.  I don’t know if this is due to time, inspiration or the fear of rejection.

7.  Red hair, green eyes, freckles and fair skin  = Irish Girl.  Only I don’t like dark beer or corned beef and cabbage. But my homemade pizza, chicken parm and potato soup are pretty damn good if I say so myself.

3 responses

  1. Tony

    Finish one book at a time. Write for yourself not for an editor or anyone else. If you really want to see it in print, self-publish, nothing wrong Ruth that . Good book to read, “On Writing” by Ernest Hemingway.
    Full if nice tips and thoughts from a master. Good luck and forge on!!!
    A fellow writer!

    February 22, 2012 at 7:46 pm

  2. Congratulations! You deserve this award! And thanks for saying I am fabulous 😉 – I will have to send more awards your way!!! Oh, and don’t be offended by what your coworker said about Contagion. It makes even the smallest of germ-a-phobes freak out completely. I freaked. It is so out of control that I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack while watching it (and I am a action movie girl!) Think of it like Outbreak on crack.

    February 23, 2012 at 9:42 pm

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