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Amy’s Top Ten List of Annoying Things People Do at Restaurants

This weeks top ten list is dedicated to those who love to venture out into the restaurant world to partake in what I hope are mostly scrumptious meals (with the occasional disaster thrown in).  Although this list is in descending order, the placement on the list could in fact change due to the severity of the offense.

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10.  Carpet bags – I don’t think I have every actually seen this in action, but I’ve heard tales of ladies bringing their over-sized, carpet bags with them so they can stuff the extra chicken wings from the buffet in them for later.  Does that ‘fried’ smell ever come out?

9.  Parents who don’t watch their children; this is especially true at buffets.  I try to avoid buffets on general principle (it’s an OCD thing) but nothing irks a person more than to see kids running with a full plate of food that will eventually end up on the floor.

8.  This one isn’t so much annoying as it is humorous.  I love when another couple or family see you heading towards the restaurant the same time you are so their steps are a little faster in hopes that they beat you to the door and get their name in first.  Just an FYI – there really is enough food to go around.

7.  Someone blowing their nose at the table – no further explanation needed, it’s just GROSS!  Or chewing with your mouth wide open.  If you have too much food in your mouth that you can’t get it closed, take smaller bites.

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...

Keep it Clear of the Entrance Please - Image via Wikipedia

6.  Smoking just outside the entrance to the restaurant.  I am asthmatic and have a hard enough time breathing.  Inhaling your toxic, ashtray smelling fumes just before or after I’ve eaten makes me want to gag.  And if I do, I’ll be sure to do it in your direction.

5. The loud one – this person is often times the cell phone talker as well.  No matter how loud the restaurant is or in the case of Chili’s lounge area, even if it’s during football season, you can still hear this guy above all the other conversations in the room.

4.  Slobs – those people at the buffet that get food and drink everywhere with no consideration for the people who have to clean it up.  They aren’t your maids so at least try to contain your mess to a smaller area.

3.  The waitress or waiter who overlooks taking care of your table because they either don’t think you will tip well, don’t want to be bothered or because they are too busy making nicey-nice with the single guys/girls sitting two tables away.

2.  People who treat the waitress bad, just because they can.  She or he isn’t their t0 wipe your mouth for you so don’t get mad when they don’t.  And don’t make them run their ass off and then stiff them on the tip.  That just makes you a jerk.

1.  Talking on your cell phone loud enough that the people sitting in the back by the bathroom can hear you all the way at the bar – isn’t it bad enough they have to watch everyone coming and going?  So either take it outside or be sure to use your super-quiet, inside voice.

One response

  1. Your top ten lists crack me up! Sadly, we just did the #8 last weekend. And I am with you, #6 just grosses me out!

    February 23, 2012 at 9:27 pm

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