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What Game Do You Wanna Play?


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Has there ever been a game that you just couldn’t stop playing? The kind of game that actually makes you think about how you plan your day so that you stay on top in said game?  I admit to being a former FarmVille band wagoner.   It was one of the first things I did in the morning and at night before bed with  ‘farming’ throughout the day thrown in for good measure. Often times looking at how long something takes to grow so I don’t have any withered crops.  It’s fun for a while but if you have a competitive nature like I do, you tend to want to have the most points, biggest farm and more ribbons than all your neighbors.  Hence the addiction is born.

Next on my list of addicting games is Trade Nations.  This game is similar to FarmVille in many ways.  You work to make more money, get bigger land, better things, etc.  It is also time-challenged.  In other words, your shops, wood cutters and so on take so much time to get their product finished.  In Trade Nations’ favor is the fact that there is no ‘withering’ of anything.  So if the game sits for a few days without your tender loving care, you won’t lose any product, you just won’t make anymore either.  Again, being of the competitive sort, you may find yourself working towards trying to attain a higher level, have more money and a bigger homestead than all your neighbors.

The downside I’ve found to both these games is that in most individuals attempt to be number one they lose sight of the purpose of the game.  To have fun.  Instead it becomes about getting as much stuff crammed on to your land to get maximum return on your work.  The other down side to Trade Nations is that it is only available on Apple products – iPads, iPods, iPhones.


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Next on my most frequently played games is Words with Friends.  For those who love Scrabble, Quiddler and spelling in general, this game is for you.  It is set up very much like a Scrabble board but with more ways to earn points.  There is no time limit to how long your turn is.  You just play the game when you have time.  And of course there are strategies to how to play and win the game.  For example, try to save your letters with the high valued points for the spaces that have triple letter, double word or triple letter word scores.  But isn’t that what everyone does?  I think I like the word games the best because you are playing against another person and it challenges your mind.  Sure there are many times that I just try making up words because the letters I have are awful.  And every once in a while I come up with a good one that I look up because although it’s considered a word, I have no idea what it means.

The downside to Word with Friends is that there are some words that it considers to be non-words.  Although they pass Scrabble’s approval, they don’t in WWF.  When the board is full of times and you are down to your last three letters, you’ll try anything in hopes that it works.

Words With Friends

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No matter what game you’re playing, it’s nice to have something you can do from just about anywhere that takes up little to no space (compared to a board game).  The convenience alone is a bonus.  Winning a match in WWF against your friend – huge bonus.

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  1. So easy to get addicted to Words With Friends! 🙂

    February 17, 2012 at 7:07 pm

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