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Woman Gives Birth to 15.5 lb Baby

As I scanned the articles on Yahoo earlier tonight I came across one that would catch any mothers attention.  According to the article, a baby boy weighing in at 15.5 pounds was born recently in China.  Baby Chun Chu, delivered by caesarean section, is thought to be the largest in the country’s history, having outweighed three other babies born in recent years that weighted in at 15.4 pounds.

Having had two children both by caesarean section, each weighing just under 8 pounds, I can not even begin to fathom having a 15 pound baby, let alone, having one naturally.  Thank goodness that this particular mother did not have to either.  I’m not even sure if that would be physically possible without causing damage to both mother and child.  Some things, I am just better off not knowing.

I think about my own daughter who is almost 10 months old now and just weighing in at 21 pounds.  Baby Chun Chun is just 5 pounds shy of that and after toting Ava around on my hip (even if that is what women’s hips are made for) all day, I can’t imagine being 9 months pregnant and carrying that much extra weight around.  Especially if he was anywhere near as active as my little girl, who would use whatever rib cage I was laying on for a kick boxing bag.

Although the link for the yahoo article is no longer up (that I can see), here is another link that shows a picture or two of the new addition to their family…. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2097845/Chun-Chun-15-5-pound-baby-biggest-born-China.html?ITO=1490

I’m still in amazement and really, really glad that wasn’t me.

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