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Where , Oh Where is Winter?

There is something to be said about walking outside in February and feeling the heat hit you full on.  Knowing that you could wear a pair of shorts and not catch a chill can be somewhat depressing.  After all, it is the beginning of February and the middle of winter.

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Of course, I try to keep in mind what the alternative could be.  I could be buried in several inches of snow (or should that be feet?)  As you can tell, I know very little, wait…..almost nothing about living in a winter wonderland.  I could also be outside in the mornings shoveling snow off my 100 foot driveway.  Neither option really holds any appeal to me.  Especially since the neighbors aren’t the type to be impressed by my awesome display of arm muscles while shoveling.

Crazier still is the fact that I don’t even own a jacket.  Sure, I have a couple of hoodies for when the breeze kicks up a little bit, but nothing for actually holding in whatever body heat I generate.  I remember visiting Colorado and Wyoming several years ago and actually having to borrow a jacket from a friend because there was some unexpected snow.  

All that aside, I don’t think I am ready to live in a snowy climate just yet, but after a few more extremely mild winters and blistering hot summers, it may be up for reevaluation.  But enough of the complaining already because some cooler weather is on the horizon.  I think it’s suppose to be a high of 66 degrees on Saturday. Woo Hoo!!  Not…

I want the colder weather that lets me see my breath puff in and out as I stand outside at night staring up at the clear sky looking at stars.  The cold weather that makes me wish for a hot carmel latte so I can warm my hands up around the mug.  Or the kind of cold weather that lets me sit in front of a friend’s bonfire for hours in my hoodie enjoying a relaxing night with friends and NO mosquitos.  Because as any Floridian knows, unless there is a really hard freeze or an extremely cold night, you won’t be able to escape them after dark.

I’m still holding out hope for a few really good cold snaps before summer gets here.  And yes, I do mean summer, we really only have two seasons, summer and fall.  I classify it as fall because winter doesn’t really get cold enough to be called winter.

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