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Amy’s Top Ten Gross Foods

As the title of the blog would suggest, this is my top ten list of gross foods. I confess that there are some items on the list that I have never tried and never will. And I know the saying, ‘Don’t knock it till you try it.’ But come on now, there are just some things that no one should ever try, let alone eat on a regular basis. And some of you may disagree and maybe I am really missing out, but chances are, I will never know because even getting past the idea of eating them is abhorrent to me. So without further ado, my top ten gross foods:

10. Sauerkraut – No matter which way you eat this, whether it’s on your hotdogs, plain or cooked with sausages, it still smells bad.

English: BBQ Frog legs

Image via Wikipedia

9. Frog legs – there is something about eating the legs off a amphibian that croaks and pees in your hand when you hold them (just ask my brother about that one…) that isn’t right.

8. Chicken wings – Not because I don’t love the flavor but simply because I don’t like touching them (it’s an OCD thing).

7. Muscles – it was all I could do not to spit it back out on the table, but I didn’t think the others at the table would appreciate it. It’s like chewing an eraser with a really bad taste.

6. Baby food – Let me further clarify and say this pertains to any baby food that isn’t a fruit…. bland, bland and bland.

5. Calamari – this I have tried and ‘gag’, however, it does make for excellent bait while fishing.

4. Sunny-side up eggs – I don’t know if it’s the fact that the egg looks only slightly different from when it’s first cracked open or that the white stuff sliding around on top looks like coughed up mucus….either way, gross!

3. Gummy bears – Again, it’s an OCD/texture thing. I’m not all about those flavorless, chewy things that get slimy when they hit your mouth.

Deep fried bovine testicles

Image via Wikipedia

2. Rocky Mountain Oysters – these are NOT the oysters that come from the ocean and pig’s testicles, need I say more???

1. Oysters – whoever thought it would be great to crack open a shell, hold it up to your mouth and slurp down the contents that closely resemble runny snot is beyond me.

So there you have it, my top ten gross foods to eat. Some I’ve tried, others I won’t and none of which are so extraordinary that I would make it on an episode of Bizarre Foods. It’s okay, I’m good with that. Any other strange and unusual or maybe not so unusual, please feel free to share your GROSS foods with me too.

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