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Life is Full of Complications

Life is nothing if not full of complications. Complication as defined by Dictionary.com is a complex combination of elements or things or also defined as something that introduces, usually unexpected, some difficulty, problem, change, etc. I personally, don’t think all complications are bad. Sure, some are pretty bad and I’ve had more than my share of unexpected changes, problems or difficulties. But when the day is done and I’ve survived whatever pains me, I know that I am a stronger person because of it.

Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson or learned something that will make things easier on me in the future because each complication, no matter how big or small, gives us a chance to learn, improve, grow stronger and wiser. I sincerely believe that you never know how strong you are until you face the unexpected, the difficult, the seemingly impossible and still you tell yourself, “I can do this.”

Although life is full of complications, I don’t think there is anything (and I’ve been through a hell of a lot) that I can’t get through. Faith is a beautiful thing.

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