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Exercise Junkie: Day One

It is definitely safe to stay that the first day back at cycling after an extended hiatus is never as easy as you hope it to be. I’m sure that I won’t truly feel the full effect until tomorrow but I know that so long as I keep at it, the results will be worth the hard work. Luckily for me, cycling is one of those exercises that I really do enjoy. I am only riding around through my subdivision at the moment while I build my endurance up and soreness down (I hope), but I look forward to being able to take to the Suncoast Trail soon. The trail or “Parkway” as we sometimes call it, is actually about three miles from where I live and on the way home from work. The nicely paved trail with benches for resting along with the scenery make for excellent riding so I look forward to getting out on the trail soon.

For now though, I will stick close to home as I often don’t get to ride during the week before it gets dark outside and our streets are pretty well lit. Unfortunately, visibility is never as good as it would be if you were riding during the day but as the sun is just rising when I leave for work and setting about an hour or so after I get home from work, it can make riding difficult.

So how did I do? I managed to take my daughter for a mile long walk before the sun set and then rode my Giant for ten miles a bit later. I have really missed cycling and all the benefits it brings. Not only does it relieve stress and help you get in shape, it also provides time that you take for yourself to just block everything out (if that is your choice) or it gives you time to think, daydream, plan, etc.

I must say, that although I understand the need for the itty bitty seat, I often wonder, usually as I am riding, if it wasn’t designed by someone who just wanted to make everyone suffer. It’s hard to say what will be more sore tomorrow, my legs, my butt or my arms/elbows. And I am not sure what it is about a road bike but when you hit a pot hole, regardless of how small, why does it feel like you’ve just ran over a crater? I won’t blog every time I ride, but I will let you know about my progress and for all of you out there that are starting out like I am or just keeping up with your already-established routine, good luck and have fun!

Day One
Walk: 1.5 Miles
Ride: 10 Miles

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