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What Type of Television Do You Like?

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I am currently watching the Denver Broncos wipe the field with the Pittsburg Steelers as the score is 20 to 6 at the end of the 2nd quarter. I am by no means a football guru so for those of you that disagree with my first statement, please understand that it is strictly my interpretation of what I have seen so far. It is not based on my expertise of the game, because I admit freely to having none. Expertise of the game that is. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy watching a football game and cheer when the team I want to win is doing well. I prefer to watch baseball on television above all other sports and football would be my second choice. Basketball is definitely on the bottom of the list right next to golf. One is very fast moving while the other is slow going but both just don’t have any appeal for me. I can’t say that I watch Hockey or follow the season but I know that if I ever watched a game live, I would probably start.

I know this is sad to say, but my watching the news is usually very limited to in the morning while I eat my breakfast before leaving for work and while I am making or eating dinner at night if I even see that much. It’s not because I am not interested but to be honest, it seems the majority of the news is enough to depress your average, every-day, hard-working guy or girl. After a long day at work, I would rather watch something that brings a smile to my face and maybe a laugh here and there.

I’m not to big on reality shows either and don’t watch daytime soap operas at all. I have never watched an episode of Jersey Shore, the Bachelor or Big Brother. One season of Survivor was enough for me. I did watch American Idol when Simon was a judge. Call me crazy, but his wicked comments made me laugh. The Voice was great and I look forward to the next round of contestants when it starts up again. I love watching American Pickers but I am not sure if that can be classified as reality tv.

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I do love a good comedy or drama and there are several that I am currently watching. Some of those shows are the Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, True Blood, Strike Back, Hart of Dixie, Rules of Engagement, The Secret Circle, and How I Met Your Mother. Previously I was a fanatic of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and CSI but it seemed that after so many seasons, the shows became quite unrealistic or in some episodes, just strange.

I understand that almost all shows aren’t realistic, but when I watch Jeff on Rules of Engagement make some wise crack or joke, I can’t help but think, that’s something my hubby would say. And when Max on Two Broke Girls makes her wise cracks, I can relate. How I Met Your Mother’s interaction between friends and how those friendships overlap each other is great to watch because they display an ease between them that allows them to be honest, painfully so at times, while having that good natured ribbing between friends at other times. And I know we are all dying to know, just who is the children’s mother?

Anything educational that can be found on the science, history, travel or discovery channels are also something that gets dvr’d in our house. Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Bizarre Foods, just to name a few.

So what type of television do you like? What do you look forward to watching after a long day of work? Do you have your favorites or do you even watch tv? Do you have to watch a show the same night it’s on the television or do you record it to watch when you get the chance?

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