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Road Trip Baby? I Think Not….

The Great American Road Trip

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The hubby and I decided to take a road trip with our two daughters, the eldest, who will be turning sixteen next month and the youngest, who will be turning nine months in two weeks. And by road trip I mean driving two hours north of where we are at now to visit his parents for the night at their hunting camp.

I think it is safe to say that I will not be doing so again until the memory of this trip have faded away into a small corner of my mind somewhere that can only be recalled vaguely. It was in fact a very smooth drive up as we didn’t head north until almost ten at night and the baby was fast asleep in her car seat before we arrived at our destination.

However, upon arrival at a new, never before seen location, Ava decided that waking up and exploring her surroundings was much more important than letting mommy and daddy sleep. So at about one in the morning, I laid down to sleep while daddy stayed up with baby for another hour before settling down for the night. And by night, I mean five a.m. as this is when the hunting camp and the father-in-law wake up for the day. After a whopping three and four hours of sleep, we were both up and at em’ again, sort of.

As harsh as the midnight hour was for both of us, it was soon forgotten in the excitement of the day. He was running dogs and chasing pigs all day. I was playing with the baby and relaxing. Neither of us ever suspecting that the trip home would not go just as smooth.

I’m not sure where it all went wrong other than to say that we started the car and headed out on the road. Not ten minutes in to our journey however, when Miss Ava decided to make her displeasure known by first pooping and then beginning to cry. And by crying I mean wailing as loud as her little lungs can manage. Those of you with children know just how loud that can be.

You also probably will understand when I say there is nothing worse than listening to your child cry and not being able to console them. Having already tried a cold binkie, a bottle, jar baby food, baby snacks, apple juice, toys and the list goes on, only stopping long enough to take her out of the car seat to calm her down. Once she settled down, we gave her something for her teething as this is the only other thing I could think of.

Back on the road we went and we didn’t even make it half a mile before she started up again. So the next bit of civilization we came to we stopped at the local McDonald’s for a quick bite and to get her back out of the car. Once in the restaurant, she was better. As we left, we didn’t even make it out of the parking lot.

After another 15-30 minutes of on and off crying, she finally slipped off to sleep. Only waking briefly a time or two for the remainder of the ride until her binkie made its way back into her mouth.

It has now become painfully obvious to me why parents with babies, especially teething ones, never take road trips. Having never taken one with my first-born when she was that young, I wasn’t fully aware of what I was getting myself into. When a two hour car ride seems like a five hour trip, you know you are in over your head. So will we be taking another road trip soon? I think not.

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