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Baked Potato Soup

As I laid in bed this morning listening to the wind howl so strongly that it rattled the window panes, I was reminded once again how chilly it was going to be outside today. And although the first official day of winter has passed and Christmas was over a week ago, it actually felt like winter today. Gone were the shorts and short-sleeved shirts, being replaced with jeans and hoodies or even jackets for some. It’s strange how the cold doesn’t seem so cold until the wind kicks up. Then it becomes almost biting.

We’ve received our first hard freeze warning and even though this means a huge drop in temperature when the sun goes down, I can’t help but feel overjoyed. And the reason for this joy? I am hoping like crazy that the freeze will kill off some of the mosquitoes that seem to plague us all year round when it doesn’t get cold enough. Sad, isn’t it? When you look forward to the cold weather so that you can be outside longer than 5 minutes without getting bit by bugs.

zzzzzzzzzzz (z’s are courtesy of my 8 month old daughter)

The sky is clear of any clouds and the air is so cold it’s crisp. What better way to enjoy the day than by making homemade baked potato soup? Dicing potatoes, onions and cloves of garlic. A dash of salt, pepper and basil. Add some flour, chicken broth and hot pepper sauce. Simmering on the stove until the potatoes are softened and a nice aroma fills the kitchen. Spoon the soup into bowls, add a sprinkling of bacon and cheese and you have a perfect bowl of baked potato soup.


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